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Sunday, July 1, 2018

What Most Men wants in a Relationship.

It's quite unfortunate that most ladies still can't figure out what a man wants from her in a relationship.
Even after so many years of being together, most ladies fail to know what exactly their men require from them. 
They feel that once a man gets in between their legs he feels satisfied and she feels she has given him more than enough. 
It's high time ladies begin to change the perceptive of their thoughts. 
A man might be pleased sexually but, that's only a pleasure that last for few minutes. It's high time you thought of what will make him happy for a long period of time and of course what's gonna keep you both together. 
Men appreciate women that go a long way to please them, more than a woman who just wants to satisfy their sexual urge in the name of keeping her man. 

There are certain things a man wants from a woman in a Relationship:

1. Understanding: A man wants more than anything for his woman to understand him, especially when he's in a bad state of mind.
Men are tough to understand especially when they have something bothering them and it takes a strong woman who's willing to do anything to make her man happy to get to device a means of getting to know his problems, why he's sad, what could make him happy at that moment and try to do them. Knowing when the mood of a man changes will help you to be able to control him better. 
If you really want him as yours, apply this method and I'm certain things are going to work out just fine. 

2. Trust: Trusting a man is really a hard thing to do. This is because he's a man and of course men can change just like time does. 
For instance he usually comes home early from work and all of a sudden he starts coming home late and gives you excuses like "I had a lot of work in the office and had to work overtime" don't panic, these are common in most men. But, giving him an opportunity to prove himself by Trusting him will sure make him retrace his footsteps and try to make a change. 
Men don't want a woman who'd just tell him his faults he wants a woman who'd work on his faults and fix him. So, yes trusting him is one of the tools to give him a sense of understanding that his not with the wrong person. 

3. Encouragement: Men appreciate women that encourages them and helps them build their dreams. 70% of successful men became successful because they had a woman who is always and will always be there to assist him, encourage him and make him feel successful. 
Just like the proverb that says " Behind a successful Man is a woman" But now I rephrase and say that behind a successful man is a woman of encouragement and virtue. Don't quote me wrong, a woman has the power to make her man and she also has the power to bring him down. Most women are terrors for their men, which is why you find him having solace in the arms of another woman who gives him all the peace and happiness he wants. If he's not getting all the encouragement he needs from you as his woman, then he definitely is getting it elsewhere. 
I remember the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible, God created eve to be Adam's helper, and they both did perfectly well together, but it was through eve that Adam was tempted also, and had to toil the ground to get food to eat.  This was passed down to our now known generations. Also the story of Samson and Delilah, she was his strength but also was used to bring Samson down. A woman is both the strength and weakness of a man and it is in her hands to decide how to make use of it for a man. Every man would definitely wanna keep a woman who helps him builds his dreams and make them come true.

4. Advice: Men tend to take a lot of decisions in life and most of these  decisions could be strategic ones. Most men look up to their women for advice in such cases and he so much appreciates it when you give him the best advice he needs. 
Men tend to listen to their women more than any other person around them. This is a natural thing, because it's already stated in the Holy Book that a woman is a man's helping hand. So don't be surprised when he comes running to you for advice, just be sure to make him do the right thing and you'll find yourself spending  a lifetime with him forever. 

5. Love: This is the greatest of all the aforementioned items above. 
Love surpasses every other thing. 
One thing that drives a man crazy is loving him even in his worst behavior.
If you don't love him, then you won't be able to meet up with the above mentioned requirements, because it is in love that everything begins.
Love is the foundation of a union between a man and a woman. 
So love him and love him unconditionally. 

Finally, Pray for him always. A man might not be spiritually mental just like a woman but he sure knows that a woman who prays for him means well for him and would go extra mile in keeping her. 

Thanks for reading.
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