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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Love Episode 6


Episode 6

Doctor Gerry thought he knew Eka was beautiful,
however as he stood by the door staring at her, he
realized he was wrong. Actually he had seen nothing yet.
Eka had to tap him on the shoulder to knock him off
his stupefied state of mind. “What happened? You came
back,” Eka inquired further. “I…I left my office key
behind, can you fetch it for me? I remember leaving it
on the table.” “You don’t want to come in Doctor.” “No!
No! I am already behind schedule.” Seeing he wouldn’t
come in Eka turned to go get the key for him, in the
process showing off a curvy shape that would have
made Monalisa swallow hard in envy. Under his breath,
Doctor Gerry mumbled a query to God, “Dear God,
what have I done? I have brought a great temptation
into my house.” Eka picked the key and turned to go
give it to Doctor Gerry, smiling while she did that. And
her smile; oh God, left a smooching palpitation on
Gerry’s heart. When she got to the door she playfully
refused to give the key to Gerry and asked, “Didn’t you
notice the clothe I am wearing? I was going to show it
to you, but you wouldn’t come in.” “Eka I noticed it and
you look beyond beautiful in it. Frankly speaking, I
thought I knew you were beautiful, but right now I have
realized I was wrong. Your beauty is not of men.” “Are
you suggesting I am a mermaid?” “No Eka, I wouldn’t
say that of you. But to be candid with you, I don’t
know what you are. Even mermaids would be envious of
you.” “My aunt said I was too greedy and took all the
beauty for the women in my generation. I think she was
right. Perhaps that’s why life has been cruel to me. I
would give this beauty away just to have a normal life.”
Eka’s twisted reasoning, which revealed more of her
hidden pains, jolted Gerry back to his senses and
barked at Ekaette, “Don’t say that again! Life is not
being cruel to you. One day, all you have been through
will be nothing more than a faded memory.” “I hope so.”
“Eka, don’t say ‘I hope so’, say ‘amen’.” “Amen o!”
“You are a woman of little faith. Can I have my key
now?” Eka handed him his key and he left. Eka locked
the door and went back to try out more of her new
clothes. All the clothes Gerry bought for her were so
good on her that one would have thought she was sewn
into them. For a long time; she could not even
remember the last time, she saw herself smiling without
any cause. She sat on the bed and looked around her
room. It had all the things she never dreamt she could
one day enjoy. There was an LG air conditioning set on
the wall, an OX ceiling fan, a Samsung flat screen
television on the wall and a home theater set. Done
assessing the room she went back to stand in front of
the mirror again and admired herself in her new clothe
once more. Feeling she hadn’t had enough look at the
other clothes she had tried on earlier, she put them on
again and admired her ravishing self in the mirror.
Done checking out the clothes, she went back to the
living room and checked if she had securely locked the
door. Satisfied she had locked it; she went back into
her room and locked herself in. There were a few more
pieces of wear she needed to try on and she did not
want anyone to see her she tried them on. Removing her
new set of under garment wears which Doctor Gerry
bought for her, she tried them on one after another.
Their fitting on her made her to pause and think
momentarily. She went to her Ghana-must-go bag,
unzipping it, she stared down at the sort of wears which
the bag contained and drops of tears fell from her
eyes. With the back of her hand she wiped off her
tears. Changing to one of the clothes Gerry bought for
her, she carried her Ghana-must-go bag out of the
apartment and set it on the ground. Standing in front
of Gerry’s apartment, she searched for the perfect
place to set them on fire. There was none, fortunately
for her, a woman came outside from the next
apartment and Eka asked, “Good day Ma, please where
can I burn some things?” The woman did not answer her
a word, instead she looked at her unbelievably and then
took a few steps closer and touched her hair. “What
sort of hair is this? This is not Brazilian hair…wait!
Jesus! It actually grows from of your scalp!” shouted
the woman. “It is my natural hair…” “And your skin!
How can a human being have such hair and skin?” The
woman’s innocent rhetorical question hurt Ekaette
deeply. She surmised the woman was suggesting she was
a mermaid. “Please madam, where can I burn some
things around here?!” Eka asked with her voice harsh
and raised a little.
The woman didn’t take notice of the change in Eka’s
tone of voice; she was still rhapsodized by the look of
her skin and hair. Eka asked again, almost shouting,
“Madam! Is there nowhere I can burn things I don’t use
anymore?!” “Oh! I am sorry,” said the woman. “There is
a place outside the gate. Wait, you can’t let smoke
touch you. I will do it for you.” the woman continued.
She ran into her apartment to probably get a box of
matches and kerosene. Eka having been told where she
could burn her stuffs hurried outside of the compound
and dumped her bag on the makeshift incinerator and
poised to collect the box of matches and kerosene from
the woman when she returned. Eka knew she would be
very embarrassed to let the woman see the condition of
some of her wears in that bag, especially the
undergarments. Her mind was so set on collecting the
match box and can of kerosene from the woman that
she did not notice the drama her appearance on the
street caused. A group of boys were on the street
discussing betting and football when Ekaette dragged
her bag out of Gerry’s compound. The sight of her
hushed them as they stared at her stupidly. They could
not tell if Eka was a turbo-charged Barbie doll or a
human being. While she waited for the woman, more
people stared and whistled in excitement.
When the woman came out, she was so much eager to
serve Eka that Eka could not stop her from setting her
bag on fire for her. Eka had to shout, “Please Ma, don’t
open the bag, burn everything together!” Happily the
woman poured some kerosene lavishly on the bag and
then struck a stick of matches and threw it at the bag.
Turning to Eka she said, “You shouldn’t do such things.
It is not good for your skin. Whenever you want to burn
anything call me I will do it for you. My name is
Faustina, I live in the flat where you saw me enter. Are
you doctor’s wife?” “Oh no! I am just a young friend of
his.” “What do you mean by you are just a young friend
of his? All the things a man needs are in place.” With
glee in her face and mirth in her voice the woman
inquired again, “Are you the doctor’s wife?” “No
madam Faustina, I am only his friend.” “Ah ha! You will
get there very soon. It doesn’t matter if you are just a
friend. See, any time Doctor Gerry is not around and
you need anything, tell me, I will be glad to help.”
“Thank you Ma.” “Don’t call me Ma. My name is
Faustina. You haven’t told me your name.” “Oh! I am
sorry. My name is Ekaette.” Feeling overwhelmed by
Faustina’s overzealous offer of help, Ekaette made a
brisk walk back into Gerry’s apartment and locked the
door. Breathing heavily in an effort to force back
tears, she let herself sink into a couch in the living
“This is not happening; they all think I am special. By
the time someone who knew me back in my street brings
my story to this place everyone will hate me. Imagine
that woman telling me smoke is not good for my skin.
How I wish she knew I cooked every day with firewood
in my father’s house, pushed gallons of water with a
barrow and hawked fruits. I don’t even have a
secondary school education. If not for Simbi I wouldn’t
even have been able to read English words.” The
thought of Simbi having crossed her mind, she ran back
into her room, to make sure she did not burn, along with
her Ghana-must-go bag, the phone number Simbi gave
her. When she saw on the bed, the piece of paper on
which the phone number was written, she picked it and
held it tightly promising herself she would call Simbi
when Doctor Gerry returned from work. About 7:00 pm
Doctor Gerry came back and was welcomed by the
aroma of a sumptuous delicacy. “Eka, what storm did
you cook up in my kitchen? My nose is under pleasant
attack.” With that same disarming smile on her face,
Eka replied, “I invaded your kitchen and found some
things to transform into good food, and so I decided to
cook so you could have something to eat when you are
back.” “But I told you not to bother with such things.
You are not my wife and I don’t want you to work like
a slave here. You should have only made something for
yourself.” “If it is wrong for me to cook for you, then
it is wrong for you to buy me clothes and bring me into
your apartment when I had nowhere else to go. If you
won’t let me do little things around the house to show
my appreciation, then I will leave your apartment.” “It’s
okay Eka, it hasn’t come to that. But I don’t want you
to live with the pressure that you must do these things
okay.” “Thanks for letting me help. I am going to serve
your food now.”
Doctor Gerry parted his lips to tell her no, but in view
of the understanding they had just struck, he closed his
mouth instead. Happily Eka walked into the kitchen to
go serve the food. With his head hung down, Doctor
Gerry went into his room and let himself drop like a log
of wood on the bed and cried out, “Oh God! I didn’t
know it would be this hard when I asked her to live with
me. I don’t want it to seem like she was my wife when I
barely know her. I don’t want to forget I am just
helping a teenage girl in need. Look at how good she
looks in those clothes; maybe I shouldn’t have bought
them for her.”
What next?

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  1. Have been waiting for the next episode of love, for a long time now


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