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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Love Episode 5


Episode 5

“Eka, my diction is inadequate to describe how beautiful
you are; but I will try anyway. However you should know
that my effort will classify as a failed attempt to
aptly describe your beauty.” “Okay doctor, let me hear
you try.” “Eka, have you seen blooming flowers
before?” Ekaette nodded. “They pale in beauty when
compared to yours. You have heard the chirping of
birds early in the morning, haven’t you?” “I have,”
replied Eka. “Then you will agree with me that those
birds can make good music, but Eka, your shapely
figure, from head to toe can make the songs from
those birds sound very uninteresting. I am convinced
that your beauty can make a dying man wish to hang
unto life a little longer just to have a sustained look at
you. Look at your hair; they are not of this world. I
haven’t seen anything like it before. I would like to
have a flock of it to study it closely.” “I can’t afford
to give you a flock of my hair, but I can give you a
strand,” Eka said and pulled out a strand from her hair
and handed it to Gerry, and began to laugh heartily
and when she did, her face seemed to lit up.
Doctor Gerry tapped her on the shoulder saying, “Eka,
stop laughing, you might cause motor accident if you
don’t stop this minute.” His words made her laugh
harder. Indeed passers-by and motor drivers seemed to
be looking at only their direction. In that minute, for
the first Gerry took notice of what Eka was wearing.
His eye had been squarely fixed only on her absorbing,
hypnotic, fascinating beauty. He didn’t like the look of
it. He wondered that if what she had on wasn’t good to
be looked upon, who knew the condition of the clothes in
her Ghana-must-go bag. “Eka, we are not going home
right away, there is a place we need to go first and
then from there we will go home.” “Where is the place?
What’s happening there?” “It’s a surprise.” “I am not
good at containing my excitement when people have a
surprise for me, can you give me a hint of the
surprise.” “I am sorry I can’t do that. If I tell you, it
will no longer be a surprise.”
Doctor Gerry flagged down a cab and told him where to
take them to before they got in. Along the way Eka
said very little. Having lived in the suburb of the city
there were many things she hadn’t seen. Their drive
through the city afforded her the luxury of feasting
her eyes on the architectural beauty of the city. After
about fifteen minutes drive, the taxi driver rounded a
junction and pulled up in front of a shopping complex.
Gerry paid the driver and they alighted from the taxi.
Leading Ekaette into one of the female boutiques in the
complex, Doctor Gerry asked her to select a few clothes
for a change of the stuffs she wore and the ones in
her bag. Eka was dumbfounded; she had never spared a
thought about her clothes even though she knew they
were worn out. Doctor Gerry’s kind gesture drew out a
mixed reaction from her. She was glad someone was
thinking about her needs, but was also a bit ruffled
about her appearance. For a while Eka was rooted to a
spot and could not move. Doctor Gerry leaned closer to
her and said, “Go ahead and pick a few things. Just a
few things you need for a change. When I get some
money, we will give your wardrobe a complete
The sound of his voice gave Eka the assurance that
Gerry was well-meaning. With tears in her eyes Eka
said, “Thank you Doctor Gerry. Frankly I don’t
remember the last time I got a brand new clothe. My
mother would often bring home some clothes her sisters
had abandoned I would make something to wear out of
them. I can sew clothes.” “Really?” “Yes. Things got so
bad that I had to learn to sow or I go naked. I had to
teach myself, now I feel like a pro with a sewing
machine.” Her words brought tears to Doctor Gerry’s
eyes. He had to turn away so Eka would not see him
cry. Pretending he was rubbing his eyes to remove dirt,
he wiped the tears on the edges of his eyes. While Eka
tried out a few clothes, Doctor Gerry went to one of
the sales girls and said, “Eno, you know me. I am a
regular customer here, but right now I am low on cash.
The much I have on me right now won’t be enough for
the things I want my friend to leave here with. So this
is what I would like to do. I would be happy if you let
me make a deposit of twelve thousand Naira for the
things my friend will pick today and at the end of the
month, I will clear the rest of the debt.” “Doctor, you
don’t have to worry about that. I know you and my boss
knows you as well. You are a valued customer here.
Every mother’s day you come here to buy things for
your mum and sisters. You are very credit worthy. You
have nothing to worry about, let your friend pick what
she likes,” Eno said. “Thank you Eno. But I still have
one more favour to ask of you. My friend over there,
she has been through a lot. There are some kinds of
wear I know she most likely doesn’t have, but I can’t
talk to her about them. I mean the undergarments
ladies wear, please can you lead her to where she can
find them and encourage her to take some.”
Eno laughed out loud and whispered to Gerry, “Where
did you say you grew up? Men like you are extinct. I
hope and pray that God will give you a woman who will
realize that you are now classified as endangered
specie.” “Thank you Eno.” “You are welcome doc; have a
seat while I get on your request.” After about thirty
minutes’ time, Eno helped Ekaette pick some clothes
that gave her good fitting, and she did so with an eye
to keeping Doctor Gerry’s bill low. After the clothes
and one or two foot wears had been packed, Doctor
Gerry deposited the twelve thousand Naira he had on
him and they left. When they got to Gerry’s
apartment, Eka was impressed with the simplicity of the
furnishings in it. With glee in her eyes she asked,
“Doctor Gerry, am I going to live here with you?” “You
are not going to live here with me, you are already
living here with me; and remember, you are not my
house help or wife. Don’t spend your whole time working
slavishly like you were one. When I get back I will give
you a few rules you will have to keep while here.” “Can I
hear them now please?” “Eka I have to get back to
work.” “I know, tell me at least one.” “Okay, please
don’t ever bring men into my house. And don’t stay out
late in the night, except you have a good reason to do
so.” “Is that it?” “Yes.” “Then you have nothing to
worry about.” Carrying some of the stuffs they brought
home, Doctor Gerry asked her to follow him to her
The room was so clean that Eka could not help to ask,
“Doctor, were you expecting a guest?” “No. Why did you
ask?” “This room is so clean that it leaves me
wondering if you knew a guest was coming… okay! I
see! Your girlfriend cleans them for you at weekends;
but why that often?” “Eka, I don’t have a girlfriend. I
clean my apartment by myself.” “What?! But at the
hospital you told me you have a girlfriend.” “I never did
Eka. You assumed I have one and I let it pass. I am
certain I never told you I have a girlfriend.” “Are you
serious doctor?” “I am dead serious Ekaette. I have to
go back to work now. Come and lock the entrance door.
Doctor Gerry left Eka’s room and headed out of his
apartment. Eka followed behind him, wondering if
Doctor Gerry was deliberately acting nice. She could
have sworn she heard him one of the days they chatted
at the hospital say he had a girlfriend. When Doctor
Gerry stepped out of his apartment, Eka went back to
her room to try out some of the clothes Gerry bought
for her. About six minutes later Eka heard a knock on
the door and went to check who it was. When she opened
the door, Doctor Gerry’s jaw dropped in utter
bewilderment at the sublime curvaceous figure which
stood in front of him. Eka asked him, “Doctor Gerry,
you are back. Did you forget something?” Doctor Gerry
did not hear her. His eyes were fixed on the figure
accentuated seductively by one of the clothes he
bought for her.
What next?

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