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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Love Episode 3


Episode 3;

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Seeing she had hurt the girl deeply, Efe stood up and
left the hospital. Though she paid for every ounce of
Ekaette’s hospital bill, Efe was never seen in the
hospital again. However there was a newly employed
medical doctor who took a lot of interest in Ekaette. He
was often around to have banter with her. About the
time Eka was to be released from hospital, the young
doctor, who went by the name Gerry, noticed that Eka
became very moody and listless. So she pressed her to
know what was wrong with her. For days Eka refused to
answer him a word, but Gerry was persistent and kept
asking her what the matter was with her. Eka dug her
feet in and refused to give say much. On the day she
was to be discharged from the hospital, she packed her
stuff into her Ghana-must-go bag and made ready to
check out of the hospital, and then Gerry showed up
and took her to the little bunk which served as his
office and pressed harder, “I know you are in some
trouble, don’t lie to me. You were in this hospital for
two weeks and not one member of your family came to
visit you. I have not heard you speak of your father,
mother or siblings. What are you hiding?” Eka burst
into tears and told Gerry about everything that had
happened to her. Gerry was shocked and brought to
tears by her story. “Eka, I am not going to let you let
you go into the street without anywhere to lay your
head or money to survive on. I live in a two bedroom
apartment all by myself. I can let you have one room.
In fact I want you to take that room. I know people in
this place who can help you get job as a cleaner. Please
don’t go into the street. It is hard out there, you won’t
survive it alone.”
“No! I won’t take your offer doctor Gerry. You think I
don’t know your plan. You want me to move in with you
and become your toy, and tomorrow your girlfriend will
come and throw me out. I know about all that. I have
seen girls fall for it. I won’t do it. Yes I know I need
help, but I won’t accept your offer.” Doctor Gerry
almost went down on his knees and pleaded with her
soulfully, “I am older than you are by some years
Ekaette, and I know what the street is like. Believe me
you don’t want to go into it with this your beauty and
no financial support. Life and circumstances will push
you into things that right now you think you can never
do. I swear by God, I won’t take advantage of you. And
if you accept my offer and find out tomorrow that I
have gone against our understanding, you are free to
leave my apartment. Look, you know me and my place
of work; if I do anything stupid you can always come
here and report me to my superiors. Please don’t go into
the street without knowing even where you will sleep
tonight or what you will eat.”
Ekaette thought about Gerry’s words and squeezed the
two hundred Naira Simbi gave her; it was all she had.
“Okay Doctor Gerry I will accept your offer because I
don’t have a better one right now. But I swear by God,
if you do anything stupid, I will strip myself and curse
you by night.” “It won’t come to that Ekaette. I
promise you I will make you forget you once were
thrown into the street by your family. One day you will
look back and you will be happy you took my offer.” “I
hope it all works out well, but if you try to put me
through hell, I will curse you and kill myself. I mean
every word of what I have just said.” “Ekaette you
worry a great deal.” “I should and worry is my right. I
don’t even know anything about you except your name.
Moving into your apartment scares the daylight out of
me. I wish I don’t have to do it. What if you wake up in
the night and kill me for rituals? Who would ask you
questions? After all my parents have rejected me.”
“Stop! Ekaette stop! I don’t remember having seen
anyone as negative as you. One, nobody is going to kill
you for rituals. Two, worry is not your right; it actually
hurts you more than you think.” “You have to
understand Doctor Gerry that I do not have any reason
to trust you. I am not being negative, but protective of
myself.” “I have heard you Ekaette, no harm will come
to you, okay. Now leave your bag here, let’s go get
something to eat.” Reluctantly Eka left her Ghana-
must-go bag in Doctor Gerry’s office and they left
for the food canteen. When they entered the canteen
heads turned in their direction as if they were being
choreographed; and voices began to whisper. Ekaette
felt very uncomfortable at the starry host of ocular
daggers stabbing at them. Twice she missed her step
and Doctor Gerry caught hold of her.
The medical and non-medical staff who stared at them
did not do so in disgust, but in sublime awe of the
beauty which entered the canteen in Doctor Gerry’s
company. However Eka did not know the reason for
which they looked at them and whispered. Before the
steward who would take their order could arrive, Eka
had begun to perspire terribly and could hardly speak.
Gerry noticed the change in the look of her face and
asked, “Eka what is it? You don’t look alright to me.”
Eka couldn’t speak; when she parted her lips words
simply failed to come out. Gerry had to gently press
her once more for answers, “Eka what is wrong with
you?” When the words finally came out, they did so
with tears, “They…they are…they are talking about me.
Maybe someone… knows…” Eka began to choke terribly
on her words, coughing and breathing deeply. Gerry
understood that moment how much Eka had been hurt
and lacerated by what she suffered in her street and
in her parents’ hands. Doctor Gerry tried his best to
stabilize her; when Eka had come round fully, he led her
out of the canteen and those host of eyes admiringly
followed Eka and Gerry out of the canteen.
When they came back to Gerry’s office, he did his best
to convince her that those people in the canteen were
not talking about her, “Eka I actually heard them; some
of them are my colleagues. They were not talking about
you. Believe me there was no one there who knows you.
There was no way they could have called you a witch.”
While Gerry persuaded her that no one called her a
witch, hot tears freely flowed from her eyes. “I thought
I heard them calling me names. For a moment I thought
I heard the word ‘witch’.” “Eka they were talking about
your beauty. They were all swayed by your beauty.
Believe me, when you start working here as a cleaner,
most of the men who saw you today will press you out
of measure with love advances and crazy gifts. Get
ready for them. I want to take you home now, if you
were to stay around here for a while longer, you will
notice my office will become busy. All those men and
women will come to ask me who you are. I know them.”
Fearfully Eka asked, “Who will you tell them that I
am?” “What do you want me to tell them if they ask?”
“Tell them I am your sister.” “No Eka. I won’t tell them
that. I will tell them that you are my friend, a good
friend at that. I will speak of amazing things about
you.” “But you know nothing about me to tell them.”
“On the contrary I do. I know you are the prettiest
woman my eyes have seen. I know you are very hard
working. I also know you can make fruit salad, you told
me about it the other day. And from our conversations
since you came to this hospital, I can tell you have a
good upbringing. Most girls wouldn’t care about who
they move in with after going through what you have
gone through; yet you are bothered about that.”

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