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Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Stupid Zone Episode 15

The Stupid Zone
Episode 15 (Unedited)

I came out of the bathroom and found Tamia looking sheepish. I knew she had either done or was about to do something mischievous but I didn't have time for her drama honestly.
"Go and bath," I told her and she left immediately which was also weird considering she liked arguing with me even when not necessary.
I checked my phone for any calls or messages and when I didn't find any, I fell asleep. I didn't hear Tamia cone back to bed and I slept soundly till morning.
I was awakened by an awful smell of burning food and for a moment I thought the house was on fire. I rushed out go get the fire extinguisher then rushed to the kitchen only to find Tamia coughing with a pan of burnt eggs in her hands.
"Babe, I tried to make breakfast," she said showing me the pan.
I felt like laughing but In knew of I did, she would cry and that was something I was not willing to get into. I mean who burns eggs seriously? But anyway this was Tamia and anything was possible with her. But why was she cooking in the first place? She had sternly told me she was not my maid and if she didn't want to cook, I couldn't make her.
"But why?" I asked her.
"To be a good wife to you." She said sobbingly.
"Wife?" I chocked on the word.
"We are practically married. We live together, make love, isn't this a marriage?"
Come to think of it Tamia was right. My mom had told me countless times that Tamia would force or trap me into marriage and I had denied it but now I was beginning to see that happening. There was no way I would spend the rest of my life with a psycho like Tamia. I would die from high blood pressure within year one.
I shook my head as if to dismiss the thought.
"We are not yet married so you don't have to bother." I said but added a smile to avoid sounding rude.
"Huh, I see." She said.
And the old Tamia was back. I decided not to respond to her because I was in no mood to argue and I didn’t want to be late for work.
“I am going to shower now,” I said as I walked out of the kitchen after looking around to make sure nothing else had burned and I heard Tamia click her tongue.
I bathed and left for work and for some reason that day, Naomi was all over my mind. She had not called me and I kept wondering if she really didn’t want to see me or maybe her mother didn’t her my number. The older woman had given me an eye which made me think she didn’t like me that much.
I was absent minded or let me say Naomi minded the whole day and I kept making mistakes. I even spilled coffee on my pants and I had to move around with a stain that made me look like I had peed myself. I wanted to leave the office to buy new pants but my boss wouldn’t let me, he kept on giving me assignment upon assignment  which I must admit, I didn’t do very well because my mind was on a tour.
By the time it was 5pm I was exhausted both physically and mentally and I decided to grab a pizza and eat before I went home because I knew I would not find any food there anyway. I drove to Levy Junction and made my order. I fiddled with my phone while I waited and when the pizza came, I ate it like it was a fritter. I didn’t even realize I was that hungry until I finished a large pizza but was still not full. I didn’t want to order another one for two reason, the first being I did not want the people around to think I ate too much and two because I didn’t want to start waiting again.
I instead decided to watch a movie at fresh view cinema and order some snacks. Actually it was about the snacks and not the movie. I went to the counter and bought a big slush, a bowl of popcorn and a bar of chocolate before checking the movies that were showing.
A movie I assumed was a romantic movie titled ‘Me before you’ was showing and I decided to watch the same one. I walked in and sat somewhere in the middle because most people didn’t like middle seats and so I had made it a habit to sit there whenever I went to the movies alone.
The movie started and I started eating my popcorns. It was weird that I actually followed the movie and paid attention to it. It was about a young man who had been involved in a road accident and got paralysed. He had been an athlete and so his condition took a toll on him. He wanted the doctors to put an end to his life but his parents asked him for 6 months more hoping he would change his mind. They then hired a girl to kind of be his companion and the two ended up falling in love.
Just when I thought they would live happily ever after, the guy decided he still wanted to die and I must admit it was sad.
“These films women watch,” I muttered to myself when a woman who was seated two rows in front of me gave me a ka ‘ssh’. I laughed silent but then sobered up abruptly when I noticed that she was actually crying. I instinctively got up from my seat so I could go and soothe her when someone from behind me told me to sit down as I had blocked their view.
I sat downand it took about a full minute before I turned to have look at the person beause her voice sounded mighty familiar. But just when I turned, the screen got dark as the movie ended and so I could not see her face. I started praying for the lights to be turned on but they didn’t.
I rushed outside so I could catch her by the door but I stood there for a long time and she didn’t come out. I had just turned around to walk to my car when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned and lo and behold, it was my Naomi. So it had really been her in the cinema. She looked at me with a smile but did nothing. I think she was shocked to see me.
While we stood stairing at each other like ghosts, a young lady came from the ladies and hugged Naomi from behind.
“Boi lets go. That film has made me sad weh, I need a bottle or two before I go to bed.”
When Naomi didn’t resppnd, the lady shook her.
“Hella, tiye.”
“Richard,” Naomi said to me instead and as if that was the greenlight I had been waiting for, I scooped her into my arms and held her tightly.
I could see her friend was in shcok and some people were stairing but I did not care. What were the odds of meeting her on such a mundane day? When we untangled from each other, I noticed she had tears in her eyes.
“So the movie made you cry as well?” I teased.
She smiled but with wet eyes and it took me back to the first time I met her, when she smiled at me but with eyes full of tears.
“I am so happy to see you.” She said and with that I  took her in my arms again.
“Eh ok I’m leaving pela. You cant even introduce me sure,” her bubbly frined whom I took a liking to immediately said.
Naomi detached herself from my embrace and started wiping he tears with the back of her hand.

2Why are you crying as if you just met your first love,” she added.
Naomi shot her head up and laughed shyly.
“Jane this is Richard my first love, Richard this is my best friend Jane.”
I was shocked out of my mind and I could see Jane was too. Did Naomi just refer to me as her first love? Wait what? That meant she was in love with me too back then, then why had shee been dating other guys? I silently asked myself.
“So this is the Richard?” Jane asked.
“The Richard?” I asked.
“Never mind her, she talks too much,” naomi said shyly.
“Do yoou have time? I would like us to catch up?” I asked her and she nodded immediately but then frowned as if she suddenly remembered a program she had.
“I will take care of the hulk, you go and catch up,” Jane said.
I wanted to ask what or who the hulk was but I was too excited about Naomi to think of anything else.
“Nice to meet you Jane,” I finally offered her my hand.
“After three days is when you remember we haven’t shaken hands,” she teased.
We laughed it off and Jane left while Naomi and I got into my car contemplating where to go.

To be continued

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