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Monday, June 25, 2018

I hardly have sex – Moyo Lawal

Over time, curvy junk-in-the-trunk Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has had to grapple with the piercing reality of  being loose and promiscuous. Recently,  when she was accused of being loose, she responded by taking to her Instagram page to declare that she hardly goes down with the opposite sex and that, she can confidently say it anywhere. This came after some fans threw shades at her to change her lifestyle.

“I can confidently say I hardly have sex. You people cannot keep insulting me over something I don’t even do, and it is so annoying! What lifestyle exactly?! Let’s even talk it out now; what exactly do I do wrong? I make bold to say that I am more decent internally, than most ‘decent’ ladies because I get so many temptations that I hardly follow up on; so what lifestyle exactly?”, she queried.

Speaking on the baby mama trend and the life she leads, Moyo made it clear that her lifestyle is an amazing one for a grown woman who is as ‘hot’ as she is.

“Every day, there is one new baby mama. Please nobody should push me to really start to have a bad lifestyle because you won’t be able to handle it if I actually start to have a bad lifestyle. For a grown woman that is as hot, pepper hot as I am, I have an amazing decent lifestyle. So let me rest”, she retorted.

Recall that Moyo was in the spotlight a few months back after she shared nude photos of herself on social media and came under attack from fans but she quickly apologized.

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