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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Black is Beautiful by Tobenna Obiano

Aren’t some people obviously Lazy? Black is Beautiful!

Last week, Agulu was literally shut down as what has become the most celebrated wedding in recent time took place in Anambra. A daughter of Dr. Chike Akunyili and the former Nigerian Information Minister and Caesar against counterfeit drugs, Prof. Dora Akunyili of the blessed memory wedded.

Many have written to celebrate that very love seal that existed between the two lovebirds from extremely two ends - racial, culture, norms and core values. This was actually a perfect union growing beyond continent and country. As a friend of the family, I attended the wedding also.

It was so beautiful to behold the Akunyili of Agulu wed her hobby, Mr. Par. The happiness and seemingly fulfillment that existed and showed on the faces of the couple during their wedding and subsequent reception knew no bounds. When they danced, their excitement was one that was heartwarming. They’re truly in love.

While many of us were busy celebrating the Canadian young man who married our Nigerian daughter, a few others got carried away discussing frivolities. It was shocking to read Nigerians discuss such nonsensicals as to, “the bride isn’t beautiful, her skin color is charcoal black, the white guy is too handsome for her” and other of such nonsense.

In higher percentage, those who make these saddening and mockery statements are persons who are very single and not even into any relationship, be it with a halfman, a blind lame beggar nor an Amadioha’s son; yet they had the temerity to push into shaming the Akunyili. This is a young lady who’s very happy with her man and they’re at peace with themselves.

The thing is, in an ever revolving world, many are carried away by what they define as beauty. Skin toning, doing away with skin pigmentation is a big problem. Many use bleaching cream to transform themselves from dark skinned to “whatsoever”.

Now, in the above, I used the word “whatsoever” because in most cases, they may turn to yellow, brown, blue, pale or rainbowlike. Those who’re complexion shamed and choose to tone their skin shouldn’t struggle to shame those who feel okay with their original complexion and refuse to bleach their skin.

The thing about the wedding was the simplicity, the decency and the rich acceptance of the cultural undertone of ndi-Igbo. A wedding where the groom wasn’t suited up on European Suites, but chose our African fabric and dress sense, while the bride didn’t outwork herself with the often flamboyant wedding gown, but got something simple but nice plus a very light makeup to go. Say, they took after the Royal Wedding, and that’s it. That wedding was of class!

While some nonentities choose to discuss that the lady isn’t as beautiful as her mother, or as fair as she was, and that those ignoramuses choose to equate beauty to solely fair persons, it is sad that this ridiculous debate of complexion and beauty is mostly coming from young ladies and women who ought to know better.

The bride, the young Akunyili has exceled in her field. She’s doing well. And her success, not merely complexion, physical appearance or other of such weren’t the only measuring factor to concluding if she’s beautiful or not. Those also didn’t stop the world from falling in love with her.

She’s beautiful and made of class. She may not be everyone’s choice, but she’s made an amazing choice, while toping the list for a man from faraway Canada who thinks of her person, her complexion and her physical appearance as entirely amazing, worthwhile and best for keeps as a life partner. This man has made her, the wife, while she has accepted her man as her husband.

Meanwhile, for the records, Dr. Chike Akunyili who is the father to the bride and husband to Late. Prof. Dora Akunyili is dark skinned. His wife, Prof. Akunyili may be lighter, but maybe their daughter took after the father’s complexion. This is to educate “jobless” debaters, who think of only fair or bleached persons as beautiful.

Many jobless persons may debate for all they care and want, it adds up nothing to the obvious truth that she’s now married and happy. It also means less or nothing, as the Akunyili, just like her mother is bountifully endowed with brain, brawn and beauty. We all love her just as she is.

Well, is this also a making of the failed Buhari Presidency?

Tobenna Obiano.

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